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August 5, 2009

If I was a rich girl…

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I’m not feeling so hot today. I think I ingested too many vitamins
and my body felt very out of sorts for most of the day. I came home
and made what I think is technically a vegan dinner.

Morningstar Farms is like my favorite go to dinner. So yummy. And yes I’m pretty much kidding about the vegan thing!

I came home, ate my awesome dinner and then took a nap. It was lovely.
I had to run to the store and when I came back I got all snuggly in
bed and played one of my favorite games. I pick a dollar amount, in this case $1,0000,
and picked out fun stuff to buy. It’s fun, you should play! Here’s what I would buy:

this is kinda ugly…so you’d know i’d probably buy it.

i love everything about this!

insane.bananas.i die.

i love this and totally agree!

1.Steve Madden Bedding $179.99 Strata Dress$199.99
3.Miu Miu Glitter peep-toes $570
4.Urban Outfitters$49.99

Total? $999.97! 3 cents under!


July 25, 2009

Party @ Heliotrope!

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I woke up this morning, checked my email and saw that my
favorite store in the galaxy, Heliotrope, accepted my friend request on Facebook
AND they were having a party tonight. AND the party was for the release of George Skaroulis‘s new album.
The spa I work at almost exclusively plays his albums! How awesome, I am so there!

I went to work, came home, ate pizza (mmm), took a shower, danced
to Kylie and then it was party time. Here’s me getting excited in advance:

this just makes me happy

gotta always say hello to henry!

loved these notebooks, especially the one with the lion

amazing scad plates! shana from JEM so would’ve eaten off these


the always sweet Tommy. owner and knower of gnome stuff, which is extremely handy.

how awesome is this? totally reminds me of my friend Kaira, she so needs this.

Chewable mustaches next to the compacts? Brilliant.

one of each, please!

Mushroom housewares!!

oh hello!

so pretty!

I love how much Charley Harper items they have, I love his geometric shapes and colors!

Need the painting and the chandelier!~

and the owl!

As I took a break, my picture taking finger was ow-ing, so I was able to talk
to Tommy, Marc and Jessica. Of course owning a place like this means they’re
as kick ass as I would’ve imagined. Our sophisticated conversation ranged from
Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (and my search for the perfect chairy for my home), Prince,
Jem and the Holograms, Etsy and Youngblood Gallery, Flying Monkeys throwing poo
at the Cowardly Lion haha. Jessica and I were talking about blogs when she pulled
mine up and saw my last post drooling over the Pantone mugs. So she told me to
take one. What??? Is that like the most out of blue, awesome thing ever? How do you
pick a color? The seafoamy green? Ooh the gray?? No the purple! Wait which purple?
I finally decided on Pantone 520 C. Also known as Grape Juice/Platform Shoes.

How gorgeous??

I immediately washed it and made tea haha! Then my phone rang…

Oh it’s Marilyn, she wants to hang with me.

So another awesome bash and now an amazingly sweet present! Fabulous night, no?

July 2, 2009

A trip to happyland!~

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My most favorite store in the world is Heliotrope here in Decatur!
I went on Sunday afternoon to see the all the fabulous new things in stock.
I wonder if I could register here for my engagement….

Pantone mugs, I’ve always wanted one of these!

birds, birds and more birds!

I so so so need this!

I didn’t even notice the Obama ones haha!

Wizard of Oz bento box!!!

Everyday would be Saturday!!

a swear box! it’s f%$&#ing amazing!

A whole section of sock monkies!

Piggy bowls hee


This is absolutely amazing. It makes a gurgling noise when you pour! So cool!

This chair is so gorgeous!

A close-up of the pillow, so sweet.

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