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June 14, 2009

This is exciting to only me!!

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Ok I was on the fantastic Cinematic Titanic website and oh my gosh look who:

Is this hilarious or what?? Everyone else is a normal human but I’m crazy
insane happy. And so is my banana clutch!!! Gary’s right next to me
being normal haha!


May 18, 2009

Cinematic Titanic

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The view from the back of the Woodruff Arts Alliance Theater
for Cinematic Titanic’s Danger on Tiki Island.

I was in the third row!!! On the aisle!! I didn’t know what tickets
my besty had gotten for us, nor did I care, as long as we actually
got them so this was an amazing surprise.

Cinematic Titanic is basically a re-working of my favorite televisions show
and flat out just favorite thing on the planet, Mystery Science Theater 3000.
MST3K is basically about a sleepy eyed guy who was shot into space by
mad scientists and made to watch horrible movies. Sleepy eyed guy builds
some robots to keep himself company. Together they watch these horrible movies
and make fun of them. Brilliant right?? The show went through many changes
but retained it’s sweet, hilarious and wacky nature.

After the show everyone went their own ways and were apart of other things I loved
dearly, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Freaks and Geeks being my favorite two!
Then one day Jesus and Santa heard my prayers and Cinematic Titanic was created!!!
(You should be hearing angels singing and goats um…goating or whatever noise they make is called.)
Now it’s not the whole MST3K crowd but quite frankly it is my very favorite cast members
so there you go. They started making dvds (available at!) and decided to go on tour!
How freaking sweet!

They were doing two shows here but I could only get to the show
on Saturday. David ‘Gruber’ Allen did the opening set and it was hilarious!
The movie was just horrible therefore prime to get torn to shreds. I was
too excited to keep looking at the screen instead looking at my comedy heroes
off to the side. I laughed so hard my tummy hurt and my mouth hurt. I’ve been
a fan of theirs since I was about 7, which has been 19 years. Insanity!!
I knew they’d be doing a signing afterwords but I was too scared even though
I know they have a reputation for supreme awesomeness. (They’re Midwestern
for goodness sake, they couldn’t be mean if they tried!) I was just happy to
see them doing their thing. Happiest Day ever!

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