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August 10, 2009


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It’s been a bit of a quiet week. I did get to hang with my best friend, Gary, on Wednesday.
We went to dinner and found the People magazine with Saved by the Bell on the cover.
Completely hilariously excited!

On Saturday there was a Warehouse Sale in my town with some awesome
shops giving major discounts!

I was half on the lookout for a fun necklace and half on the lookout for something
just fun. Guess which one I found? And guess where I found it? At the Heliotrope table!

It’s a very grand chandelier! Hehe! I initially wanted this for my car but seeing how
big (well….in relation to my rearview mirror haha) I’ve decided this will go over
my living room in my new apartment. Oh heck I want one for every room!!

Today I went to my sis&bro-in-law’s place to watch their kitty, Gracie Brown. I didn’t even see her!
I hope I was in the right apartment haha. Either way this apartment had the new Ikea Catalog
so I read that and watched the Clarissa Explains It All dvds I brought with me. Called in
for some Mellow Mushroom and did a little laundry as well. Action packed Sunday!

Oh! I’ve been reading about the new Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in all the new mags,
so I went to Target to check them out. I found one I really liked, Madison Mauve, and with
the $5 gift card I received (from buying a Brita!) a few weeks ago this only cost me 87 cents! I rock!


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