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August 4, 2009

Things they are a-changin’

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Ok through almost 3 weeks back and forth insanity, I have an apartment to live in!
They gave away the apartment right beside my friend Katy (even though I put in my deposit, they cashed it and called to say this is the one I’d be living in…but ANYWAY).
I move September 2nd and I am really excited! A month is going to seem like forever haha.

What’s new with me? Not much, just being fabulous.
I went to see (500) Days of Summer with my rad friend David. It was so cute! Fantastic soundtrack, including my favorite Smiths song.

I decided I needed to change my hair (I know, shocking) and I think it looks really fab. I do kinda feel like an anime character with the bangs however, but it still looks cute.

On Saturday I went to this amazing thrift shop and found all sorts of amazing clothes. In the end I picked these two.
One is an SJP Bitten top I’ve always thought was awesome. They ended up being 50% off as well so I only spent $4 total! Am I good or what?

On Sunday I got all cosy on the sofa and watched the fabulous Kylie Minogue’s Body Language Live.

she’s hiding here…

I got off work really really early today, which was awesome because it looked gorgeous out today.
And it was! I went to Trader Joe’s and smelled the roses, literally haha. Thought about what to
cook for dinner and decided it was too lovely a day to be inside. I went home, grabbed my ipod and went for a walk.
And look what I found! Isn’t this awesome? I love the trees.


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