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June 27, 2009

ghostbusters and boys!

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Went to Screen on the Green yesterday with the always ruggedly handsome
Jared(brother-in-law) and Brent(crazy-as-hale). My sister was supposed to come
but she was sick, aww.They were showing Ghostbusters which we were all completely
excited about. A kick ass movie that has an amazing theme song, ghost sex, slime and Bill Murry?
Awesome! Below are a few pictures of the night, that sadly, did not end with a sexy
party as was intended.


muh boys! left to right: Brent, Jared, Joe and Matt

get on the lollercoaster!! this is the perfect picture of us!

chillin’! i heart purple, can you tell?

Tay, the awesome.


My favorite boy sandwich. Also, it looks like Jared is wearing short shorts and I feel good about that.


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