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June 21, 2009

Adventures in Dating-Week 2

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Welcome to week 2 of my month long dating adventure!
This week I met a boy named Jason. He was 23 and liked
Radiohead. This is all I knew of him when we went out on Monday.

Here I am getting ready!

We met at a coffee shop in between where we both live. He arrived
and we didn’t have trouble finding things to say which is really nice.
Honestly I felt really weird about our age difference, he’s 23 and I’m
26. He let me know he was a Republican and I was like ooohh. I’m
so not. He loves zombie movies and I was like ooohh!! We finished our
drinks and decided it might be nice to go for a little walk. I told him
about the dating experiment and he was very intrigued. We were talking
about random stuff and he mentioned one of his friends worked at
Cartoon Network, somewhere I’d kill to work!, and I remember reading
that CN was considering bringing back Futurama and I asked if he thought
that was true. We both didn’t think that was going to happen even though
it would be completely awesome. He asked if I had seen the Futurama movies
and I hadn’t. He got excited and said ‘That’s how I’m going to woo you! With Futurama!!’.
How cute is that? We walk and talk for a little bit more and decide to call it
a night. We were closer to my car than his so I told him to hop in and we’d
find his car. The song playing when we got in was Flock of Seagulls Ran So Far Away.
I was like perfect song!!!

I got home at 10:45ish and at 11 I get a call from Jason. He said he was going
to throw a kink in my experiment and ask me out right away again. So we
picked Wednesday at his place for a movie.

Tuesday rolls around and he said he wanted to call with his address while
he was thinking about it. I asked what he was doing that night and he said
nothing so I invited myself over. I can throw surprises too buddy! So I get
ready and go over to his place.

We watched the first Futurama movie which was completely kick ass, don’t you think
crew of the Planet Express delivery company??

The man-boy himself, Jason

Radiohead’s In Rainbows vinyl! He actually let me hold it!

And um check out this completely amazing present…Shaun of the Dead t-shirt!!!!!!

I also a got a Family Guy Star Wars t-shirt. It’s huge. I’m gonna belt it
and wear it with leggings for ultimate fabulosity.

Our shoes…
dating adventure-week 2

We decided to keep our Wednesday date that we had originally made, so I went
after work. He was watching Fox News (FUCKING HATE FOX NEWS) and I asked
if he was really watching it and he said yes and we will not be watching the
Communist News Network (aka CNN). Uh. So I say I’m hungry and since he lives
above a pizzeria we thought pizza would rock. It was amazingly good!! Feta and
mozzarella and black olives? YES PLEASE. So we eat and decide to watch the
2nd Futurama movie. It was good but not great. We sit around and decide to
pick each other’s brains about relationship stuff. We were talking about weddings
and he was saying he has a huge extended family so he’ll probably have to have
a big wedding. I’m elope girl all the way and in the middle of explaining about
why he freaks out and yells at me. He thought I didn’t want to hear what he had to
say about something and I was like…I do but not when I’m in the middle of a sentence.
So I was like fine what do you want to say and he said nevermind and then refused
to talk to me. UM fucking awkward much. I just wanted to get out of there so I
get my shoes and leave.

Not happy.

We aren’t seeing each other anymore. So a crash landing on Week 2.
But…at least I got some sweet presents!~


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