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June 14, 2009

Katy’s Birthday!

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Today is my friend Katy’s 24th birthday. She is one of the loveliest
people on the planet. I wasn’t able to hang with her tonight so
I asked her to lunch. Below is the fun we got into!

I’m almost ready to see the birthday girl, watching 90210 as it’s Saturday
morning and this is what we do on Saturday mornings.

Once I get there I see a wig just chillin on the couch. So, staying classy,
I immediately put it on and kinda refuse to take it off. I want to do a full
photo shoot with this…creature.

Katy told me I looked like Stevie Nicks and I quietly thought to myself
‘Ugh Steve Nicks on drugs’ but that’s kinda regular Stevie Nicks…so…yeah.
We were talking about our love of wigs and she said we’d have to go wig shopping
one day so I said ‘Today!!!’. We both got too excited and immediately knew what we
were after for her…Anna Farris hair from the movie Just Friends. I love having a mission!
So first we were off to have a lovely lunch at Murphy’s. We talked about our
hilariously tragic dating lives and she totally got behind my dating adventure.
I haven’t had a straight up girl fest in a long time and Katy is the best company
for this!

Katy, Our lady of Mimosa. She had…maybe 3? They smelled yummy.

Birthday girl!!!

After lunch we went shopping for maybe 2 hours. We found THE wig at the
first stop. Amazing. Shopping is a really dumb thing to be good at but damn
I have a talent! And the day ended the best way a day can end…. I own another



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