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June 13, 2009

Adventures in Dating-Week 1

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Ok well we’re at the end of Week 1 of my dating adventure.
How did the boys do? Dumbly. Is that a word? I had two
guys I was sorta chatting with online but neither of them
could seem to make the move from ‘hi, it’s tuesday and i like
that movie we talked about’ to ‘hey want to do…ANYTHING AT ALL.’
It is incredibly hard to hold back and not do the asking out. Ugh!
It’s really not that hard dudes. And it’s even easier online cause
if you get rejected guess what! You don’t ever have to chat
me up again!

So I took myself out to dinner tonight and had a lovely time. Even
made a date..with Katy for lunch tomorrow. Yay! A date with a hottie
that I know will end with a phone call the next morning haha, sweet!


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