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June 8, 2009

Adventures in Dating

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Up until October of last year I was in a serious relationship
that was expected by both of us to end in marriage. I used
to thank my lucky stars that I would never have to go on a
first date ever again. Well either I pissed Buddha off or he
lost the remote to his dvd player and got bored and decided
to put me back on the dating scene. Dating? Me? Ahh!!!

Here’s the thing. I’ve never been asked out before. Really.
Let’s take a look at what we’re working with here:

Now I’m, let’s be honest here, so fucking cute that I would win a cute
contest against Drew Barrymore, a newborn kitten and a female gorilla who
has taken the newborn kitten as her own baby. Yeah.

Now those that know me might say Tim -that’s what my friends call me- Tim,
you don’t give boys a chance to ask you out because you always ask them first.
Ah, true. If someone strikes me as awesome I don’t like wasting time. If we go out
and I have a good time I’ll call/email whatever and say ‘hey had a good time wanna
go out again?’. Also, since being an adult I’ve really only dated two guys and they
were both friends first. However since I’m not really friends with any straight guys
at the moment this route, while my favorite, is not going to happen. Unless a straight
guy out of my past comes along and is lovely and charming I have to find new blood.

Which brings me to my experiment. What happens when you take a cute, wacky brunette
and put her out in the world waiting for a cute boy to ask her out?? Well I don’t know!!
For the next month I’m going to use an online dating site as well as going out more
frequently and see what happens.


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