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May 24, 2009

Welcome to…

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So earlier this week I went to tell the leasing people at
my apartment that I wanted to re-up my lease for another
year. I can’t believe I’ve been here for a year. Craziness.
For the first 8 months I worked 6 days a week so this
was pretty much just where I slept and showered (I didn’t even eat here).
But now that I have a steadier job with hours that rock I
actually live here. Awesome. I guess I should…move in.

When I first got here all I had was an air mattress and a chair
I bought at Target. I lived like that for a few weeks and
then luckily my bed came to live here. Yay! I brought my bookcase
but left my books behind. I eventually bought a couch, computer
table, coffee table and bedside table, all from Ikea of course. But
that’s kinda it. I never painted or put up any artwork, cause
who knew how long I was going to be here? So now that I’m
going to be living here for another year I can start making this
place…wait for it…Berryland!!

Do you know what would truly make Berry and Berryland complete?
This lamp:

Amazing. Also I miss my books. Mommy’s coming booklings!


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